Managed Services & ISV Partner of Salesforce

Our team of Solution Consultants provides global support for our impactful Nettverk solutions. As an accredited Salesforce Consulting Partner, we are committed to creating intuitive and effective solutions within the platform. We collaborate with our ecosystem of partners and extend our expertise to various technology domains such as Data Analytics, Mobile, Microsoft applications, and more.

Our Solution Consultants are strategically located worldwide, spanning Australia, USA, UK, India, and Germany. This global presence allows us to serve our clients from the nearest hubs. Whether you are considering transitioning to a dynamic platform, enhancing your current implementations, integrating Salesforce with external applications, or optimising your existing instance, our consultants will guide you in the right direction and deliver an optimal solution.

In addition to our proficiency in the Sales and Service modules, Nettverk’s Solution Consultants have cultivated substantial expertise in specialised clouds like Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Management (FSM), Experience Cloud, Pardot, and Salesforce Maps. 

Why Nettverk?

Nettverk is committed to providing reliable and predictable solutions while fostering a culture of trust and strong relationships. Our team of consultants possess excellent communication and technology skills, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout your project. In addition to experience with sales and service modules, our solution consultants have developed expertise in specialty clouds such as Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Field Service Management (FSM), Experience Cloud, Pardot, and Salesforce Maps.

Predictability – We manage expectations so that we deliver on schedule and to budget. No surprises.


Long Term and Reusable Solutions – We build solutions for the long run. We also build reusable solutions, thus reducing future development time and cost

Customer Delight – Our approach & processes are designed towards making our valuable customers happy !

Everything Salesforce – We Consult, Configure, Customize, Integrate, Migrate and Maintain Salesforce! We have some quick deploy solutions too.

Relationship & Trust – We believe in long term relationships & trust. We take pride in the fact that over 90% of our business comes from our existing customers or from their referrals.

Configure First, then Customize – We prefer & advise the usage of Salesforce the way it is built for. We always look for a configurable solution, before we get into Apex & LWC.

Speciality Clouds

We understand that every business is unique, with specific data requirements and workflows. That’s why Nettverk offers customisable mapping options, allowing you to tailor the integration to your needs. From field mapping to object mapping and workflow automation, our solution adapts to your business processes, ensuring that your data is structured and organised in a way that makes sense for you. Enjoy the flexibility and control to create a genuinely customised integration experience.


Nettverk offers a solution that simplifies business operations by integrating Salesforce with Xero. By automating processes and enhancing efficiency, our cutting-edge solution streamlines data exchange. With Nettverk, you can easily sync customer information, invoices, and more between Salesforce and Xero. This eliminates manual tasks and reduces errors, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Experience a smooth and reliable integration that optimises your workflow. Unlock the power of connected systems with Nettverk for Salesforce to Xero integration.

Other Services

Custom/Software Development

Our highly experienced experts are well-equipped to assist you with various business requirements, ensuring we effectively cater to your needs. We specialise in numerous areas, including:

Full Stack Development

Our experts cover the entire software development process, from designing interfaces to managing databases and servers, ensuring robust and scalable solutions.

Website Development

Crafted to reflect your brand and captivate your audience, our websites range from simple info sites to intricate e-commerce platforms.

Mobile App Creation

Develop seamless and user-friendly iOS and Android apps for a delightful user experience.

DevOps Implementation

Streamline development and deployment with our specialists, integrating automation, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure management for efficient software delivery.

SEO Optimisation

Enhance your website's content, structure, and meta information to boost search engine visibility and user discoverability.

Data Analytics

As more data continues to enter the digital world each day, organisations increasingly realise the potential of data. By utilising data and analytics, organisations can make informed decisions and create corporate strategies to thrive in the digital economy. With over 15 years of experience in data transformation and analytics, Nettverk can assist you and your organisation in embarking on this digital journey.


Our team at Microsoft has the expertise to build and optimise the Azure Identity platform. We can integrate on-premises and connected identities to create effective solutions. Our team also specialises in configuring and organising mobile, Windows 10, and other devices to create a flexible and secure end-user platform.

We offer industry-leading Virtual Private Network (VPN), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to help customers connect and secure their cloud, network, apps, and data. Additionally, we provide intelligent collaboration platforms, including Teams, O365, Mailbox Migration, and app integration solutions. We can also implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other related services.